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How do I use this site?

Grab whatever PDF or tex source files you wish. Use the search box to filter for the course or title you want. Use the .tex files toggle to show the tex files.

Why in the world do most of your documents use dark backgrounds and white text!? That ain’t normal! And studies show that white background is better!

I use my notes for long periods of time, and I want as little strain on my eye as possible. White background hurts my eye. Simple as that.

The colours in your PDFs don’t look exactly like what I think they should be, e.g. red doesn’t look… red

It’s base16-eighties. Here’s a reference for the colors:

Color Hex
dark #2D2D2D
light #D3D0C8
gray #707369
magenta #CD98CD
red #F47678
yellow #E2B552
green #98CD97
lightblue #61CCCD
blue #6498CE
brown #D47B4E

Your pages on this site looks awesome! Heck your FAQ looks good even though it doesn’t look much!

Thank you. I give all credits to tufte-css.

This site is too good to be true. You sure you’re not doing malicious things to my data when I’m here?

Feel free to check the source. They’re short so shouldn’t take you too long. The Javascript of the site are meant only for two features for now:

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